Open Sourcing Drug Discovery and Development


Database-centric molecular simulation

A database-centric molecular simulation framework powered by distributed-ledger-technology and generative AI


Enabling large-scale Generative AI

Unblocking Generative AI and other ML approaches, which have shown promise in key predictive tasks for drug discovery such as molecular docking, through increased access to training data and compute resources through decentralized infrastructure.

Secure Research Data

Through proof-of-content, raw refined research data, used to validate experimental results, can be secured from tampering through immutability and audit trail tracking. Also, Genomic data is made more widely available while protecting individuals and their privacy

A Revolution: Trustless Peer-to-Peer Scientific Collaboration

Through a decentralized database-centric molecular simulation system, disintermediation facilitates collaboration between research groups without compromising critical IP.

Computational Chemistry at scale

Providing an unchangeable record of the computational environment,including the exact piece of software used, a complete record of the associated computational steps, and open access for review and replication.



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